| S T A T E M E N T |

The works you see in front of you are a collection through the topic “dead fish” over these years that
I made my attempt to express, although much is left unsaid. I painted the fish bigger, poured water
and color on their feet, increased their growth time and gradually led them to be or not to be, to
make them dead as much as I made them alive. Taking them to the distance, putting them to the
farthest place where I sat on their bed. It is them, bodies in soil, no arms or legs, hosting the last
body of life. It is death, being immobile.

| D E S C R I P T I O N |

The works we see, are a number of works in the “Wordless” collection, which are the results of my own work over the past year on the issue of the “death plan in painting”. The idea for these works is an extension of my previous exhibition in the Dastan Basement Gallery, entitled “Remembrance”, with the difference that in these paintings, while the death is present in the dead being, it is also a pervasive situation; Loneliness, distance, rejection, inevitability, and other companions, wherever there is death, are recognized. All the works are the result of unity between oil color and canvas, and what was not necessary among them have been removed; the skies and the earth have been separated, and the living and the dead have been left among these voids to find their positions;
The purpose of these works is to create a “hint” for adjacent and in-depth presence of death, a presence beyond the difference between animals or human beings. The creation of this hint is to show the disscussion of death in existence, the same as “putting death in the existence” and “existence towards death”, as it brings death closer and more present through this “hint”. The remembrance of death, on the one hand, is the remembrance of the end of possibility, and, on the other hand, is the reminder of the concealment and oblivion of “death” and also its mutual commitment to “existence”.

| W O R D L E S S |

Death is a prevalent condition that loneliness, distance and Inevitability, wherever there is death, bury it. In these works, everything that was not necessary has been removed; The heavens and the earth are separated and the living beings are left between the two to find their own position ..

| B I O G R A P H Y |

Mirmohamad Fatahi was born in 1987 in Karaj and recieves his painting diploma from “School of Fine Arts” in 2005. After his first visit of school, Mirmohamad was impressed by the atmosphere and the existing mentality of
the school and gradually got self-aware of his talent in painting. Graduating from high school, Mirmohamad
develops his activities and starts his teaching career for labor children, in a NGO under UNICEF supervision. In
addition, he persues his painting career by illustrating for oldest children’s magazines called “Keyhan Bacheha” in
Iran. In 2007, while entering Soore Art University of Tehran to study for BA in painting, he develops his career and starts his cooperation with several magazines and publishers as “Shahed-e Koodak” magazine, “Charkh-o Falak”
periodical and moreover, creates books for “Parseh” publication, ”, “Iran Language Institute :Institute for the
Intellectual Development of Children and Young Adults (IIDCYA)”. Meanwhile, he works as an intern and assistance of Majid FathiZadeh in his studio. In university, he is offered a working position as a background artist and begins his work in “Naghsh-e Jahan” company in different positions as background artist, color artist and concept artist in various projects, cooperating with several companies and recieving some prizes along with them. In 2014, Mirmohamad Fatahi holds his first solo painting exhibition “Parking” in “Iranian House of Cartoon”. This
exhibition is his second experience after the group exhibition “History Game” held in Etemad Gallery, the year
before. In 2014, Fatahi could enter among finalist artists in “Golden Turtle contest / Portrait of Animal Furthermore, he is invited to this exhibition announcement in Moscow Museum. Moreover, he manages to receive the second prize in Drawing Contest of “Association of Alborz Painters” and participates in two following exhibitions with them. In 2016 he gets an invitation to “Agog” Group Exhibition” hosted by Dastan’s Basement Gallery, chosen as the selected artist among 27 more young artists, and therefore starts working seriously with Dastan Gallery. Following his second solo exhibition named “An-denken(Remembrance)” in 2018, he opens his Third Solo exhibition as ” Wordless” in the same gallery in 2020. His presence in group exhibitions is more seriously felt after 2019 that leads to an exhibition in the “Sanati Contemporary Arts Museum” in Kerman, group exhibition in “kunst kiosk Gallery” in Switzerland and “Arksal Avenue” in Dubi, and also taking part in many group exhibitions in other cities of Iran. Being more adamant in his work, Mirnohamad Fatahi gets concerned about creating his personal paintings to reach the deep and rich concepts of paintings. Fatahi’s paintings themes are centered arouned Paintings of Iran and articulating Death Scheme. His solo exhibitions relates to death and its existing slabs of it. To reach this aim, Fatahi has been employing a vast spectrum of materials to sync his ultimate ideas and forms in his work. In his path, he has created numerous works using a variety of materials as oil color, water color, oil pastel, etc.

| R E S U M E |

  • Nov/1987 | Karaj, IRAN
  • 2013 | BA in Painting at Soore University. Tehran, IRAN
  • 2004 | Diploma at Fine Arts School. Karaj, IRAN
    – Solo Exhibition
  • 2020 | “Wordless”, Dastan Basement. Tehran, IRAN
  • 2018 | “An-Denken (rememberance)”, Dastan Basement. Tehran, IRAN
  • 2014 | “Parking”, Iranian House of Cartoon. Tehran, IRAN
    – Group Exhibitions
  • 2021 | “Space: Chapter One” , Oliva Gallery. Chicago, USA
  • 2021 | “Charity Sale of Visual Artworks for the Benefit of Iran MS Society. Tehran, IRAN
  • 2019 | “A Close View of Far Field Representations”, Sanati Contemporary Arts Museum. Kerman, IRAN
  • 2019 | “Encircle the Apple, or Shadowlessness”, Dastan Outside: V Gallery. Tehran, IRAN
  • 2019 | “Encircle the Apple, or Shadowlessness”, Dastan Outside: Emrooz Gallery. Isfahan, IRAN
  • 2019 | “Transition”, Vartan Gallery. Tehran, IRAN
  • 2018 | “Vadian im IRAN”, kunst kiosk Gallery. St.Gallen, SWITZERLAND
  • 2018 | “Cultural Narrative”, Alserkal Avenue Gallery. Dubai, UAE
  • 2016 | “Agog”, Dastan Outside, V Gallery. Tehran, IRAN
  • 2016 | “Association of Alborz Painters”, Iranian Artists Forum. Tehran, IRAN
  • 2015 | “Association of Alborz Painters”. Alborz, IRAN
  • 2015 | “Golden Turtle”: Portrait of Animal. Moscow, RUSSIA
  • 2013 | “History Game ”, Etemad Gallery. Tehran, IRAN
    – Awards
  • 2016 | Second Prize in “Association of Alborz Painters”, Drawing Contest. Alborz, IRAN
  • 2015 | Finalist of “Golden Turtle” Contest, Portrait of Animal. Moscow, RUSSIA