| D E S C R I P T I O N |

The works we see, are a number of works in the “Wordless” collection, which are the results of my own work over the past year on the issue of the “death plan in painting”. The idea for these works is an extension of my previous exhibition in the Dastan Basement Gallery, entitled “Remembrance”, with the difference that in these paintings, while the death is present in the dead being, it is also a pervasive situation; Loneliness, distance, rejection, inevitability, and other companions, wherever there is death, are recognized. All the works are the result of unity between oil color and canvas, and what was not necessary among them have been removed; the skies and the earth have been separated, and the living and the dead have been left among these voids to find their positions;
The purpose of these works is to create a “hint” for adjacent and in-depth presence of death, a presence beyond the difference between animals or human beings. The creation of this hint is to show the disscussion of death in existence, the same as “putting death in the existence” and “existence towards death”, as it brings death closer and more present through this “hint”. The remembrance of death, on the one hand, is the remembrance of the end of possibility, and, on the other hand, is the reminder of the concealment and oblivion of “death” and also its mutual commitment to “existence”.

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